• All humans were created in the image of God, so they all have equal value. From that statement we can establish the following value system:
    • Each adult and child have the right to life and healthy development
    • We will not discriminate for any reason
  • God clearly tells us to use our power/authority to help those who are weaker than us in any way. From that statement we maintain the following values:
    • Children and vulnerable adults will be encouraged to participate in making decisions which will affect him/her at an age-appropriate level
    • We maintain zero-tolerance for abuse of any type.
    • Vulnerable person protection should be integrated into all aspects of our organizational strategy, structures and work practices.
    • All children and adults should be empowered and educated on their rights, how to be safe, and steps they can take if there is a problem.
    • Best interests of the most vulnerable person is primary, even over the interests of the org
    • The vulnerable person’s safety and well-being will be the first priority when dealing with all identified or suspected cases of abuse.
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