LLV8: Equipping Organizations to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Harm

There are 3 main ways in which organizations can fight against sexual abuse:

1. Prevention through protection and education

2. Helping those who have been affected by sexual harm

3. Spreading the word in the community as a vehicle to spread the Gospel

We offer practical and interactive trainings that cover each of these 3 areas from a biblical perspective.  Our goal is to provide an understanding of the problem of sexual harm, what needs to be done about it, and the tools to begin to do it within the context of our unique faith communities.

Some of the main topics that are covered in LLV8 are:

  • The nature of safety and its value in God’s economy
    • A trauma-informed study of the effects of sexual abuse
    • The nature of abuse and its relationship to abuse of power
    • Practical ways to help abusers within the context of redemptive companionship
    • Setting up an organizational safety program
    • Spiritual effects of sexual abuse and how to apply the Gospel in healing ways
    • How to spread the word effectively in a culture that normalizes sexual abuse
    • Education as an important tool to combat sexual abuse
    • Characteristics of abusers and how pornography fuels abuse
    • Forgiveness, repentance, and reconciliation from a biblical perspective
Equipping Organizations to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Harm
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