Why Levanta La Voz

Distinctives of LLV programs

  1. approach sexual abuse from a world perspective (not a 1st world perspective)
    • include a significant portion on why sexual abuse of children is bad
    • have training in 2 languages, and are creating a workbook in a third
    • include a significant section on culture, guiding the participants to compare their existing culture to that of the biblical ideal of a culture where safety is valued
    • all materials are digital, not written, for easier distribution world-wide
  2. include a significant section on training children about body safety and porn prevention at age-appropriate levels, which is a good foundation for a SS program
  3. have an approach that takes into account the fact that most of our participants have experienced some sort of sexual harm
  4. include information on how to set up a new safety program for organizations
  5. include the newest information on child-on-child sexual harm, it’s root causes, what to do about it, how to prevent it, how to prepare our children for confronting abuse
  6. focus on using guiding principles to develop prevention procedures
  7. courses include a workbook for our participants
  8. courses include a significant amount of material on the biblical basis for abuse prevention, including using abuse of power as the foundation for understanding all other abuse
  9. incorporate social media into our promotion and distribution
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