Workshop: Confronting Sexual Harm in the 21st Century

Cost:          $15 per person – includes lunch, beverages, and the workshop workbook
Location:   Woodlyn Baptist Church, 1125 MacDade Boulevard, Woodlyn, PA 19094
Time:         9am-3pm

In one survey, 70% of children aged 7-18 admitted that they had accidentally encountered porn through a web search while they were looking for something else.  Children are never at fault when they are exposed to harmful things, but they are relying on us to help protect them.  Technology is challenging for many of us, but there are things we can learn to do a better job at keeping our kids safe.

This in-person workshop will give you practical ways to make a difference in the lives of the people around you, beginning with exactly what to say and do when you first become aware of someone’s sexual harm.

These are the main topics that are covered in the workshop:

  • The nature of safety and its value in God’s economy
  • Current trends in child sexual abuse and its root in pornography
  • Guiding principles for protecting our children from abuse
  • How to help children who are harmed or who harm others sexually
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