LLV8 – Equipping Organizations to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Harm

Levanta La Voz 8 (LLV8) – 8-week online training in English

April 4-May 23 on Tuesday evenings 7-10pm Eastern Time.
Cost: FREE
Live on Zoom

Everyone needs to register ahead through this Eventbright link:

Levanta La Voz is offering an 8-week education course through WorldVenture to help organizations deal with the challenges of sexual harm in the 21st century. If you are a nonprofit or church, this is an opportunity to get help in creating a program and preparing your staff and volunteers to create a safe environment for children.

Registration for ONE of the days registers you for all of the days. Please try to make every meeting.

It’s every Tuesday, starting April 4 for three hours each week until May 16 starting at 6 pm CST.

Homework is required and will take you two hours each week.

This will be a private Zoom event.

Attending the whole course and completing the homework means you will receive a certificate of completion.

DISCLAIMER – If you or someone you know is in need of professional help and care, it is important that you seek that out. WorldVenture provides counseling services to our global workers, but we cannot and do not provide professional counseling nor therapy recommendations to viewers of this online event. We encourage you to speak to your pastor or trusted church leader if you need help finding a licensed Christian counselor to help you obtain trauma care, counseling, or any other mental health assistance.

Equipping Organizations to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Harm
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